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Di-Electron Analysis

This site is dedicated to all informations related to CBM Di-Electron analysis.

Background rejection strategy

Our background rejection strategy is desctibed in the following paper.

Files location

  • PLUTO files : 100 files with 1000 events can be found on:
    • $\rho^{0}$ -> $e^{+}$$e^{-}$ : /d/cbm02/galatyuk/pluto/auau/25gev/rho0/epem/pluto.auau.25gev.rho0.epem. 0000.root -> .0099.root
    • $\rho^{0}$ -> $\mu^{+}$$\mu^{-}$ : /d/cbm02/galatyuk/pluto/auau/25gev/rho0/mumu/pluto.auau.25gev.rho0.mumu. 0000.root -> .0099.root
DOC-2006-Feb-110-1.pdfpdfDOC-2006-Feb-110-1.pdfmanage 550.8 K 10 Jul 2006 - 17:57TetyanaGalatyuk mesons report
minv.jpgjpgminv.jpgmanage 80.7 K 25 Aug 2006 - 13:42TetyanaGalatyuk invariant mass distribution
minv_pt.jpgjpgminv_pt.jpgmanage 61.3 K 25 Aug 2006 - 13:45TetyanaGalatyuk 1

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