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HowTo create a stable revision in SVN

  1. Checkout On the head version of CBMROOT or PANDAROOT repository server create the new relase branch as a copy the trunk branch.
  2. Enter directory Checkout the new release version of CBMROOT.
  3. Update the Enter directory working copy to the choosen revision of cbmroot. Exchange REVISION by the according number
    • svn update cd cbmroot_feb16 -r REVISION
  4. Change the properties of the external packages to the directory below same revision
  5. Change Commit the properties changes of the external packages to the same server. revision
  6. Rename the directory to the name of the revision. For example rename it to FEB07
    • mv cbmroot FEB07
  7. Copy the directory to the SVN repository.

(V. Friese) The renaming of the local copy is not necessary. You can directly checkout the head to a differently named directory: svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/fairroot/cbmroot FEB07

HowTo merge changes from the trunk in the release branch

(V. Friese) Cannot one directly copy from trunk to release in the repository, without local copy? E.g. svn copy https://subversion.gsi.de/fairroot/cbmroot/trunk https://subversion.gsi.de/fairroot/cbmroot/release/FEB07

  1. If not existing, checkout a version of the release branch.
  2. Enter directory
    • cd cbmroot_feb16
  3. Merge the needed commits from the trunk branch.
  4. Redo the previous step for all needed commits.
  5. Commit the changes back to the server
    • svn commit -m"Backport revisions 9551 and 9552. Closes #3456."

-- FlorianUhlig- 27 Sep 2007 01 Mar 2016

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