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AcronymVerbatimCategoryDescriptionSorted descendingLinksDocs
SSI Stacked Silicon Interconnect (Technology) Electronics Multiple SLR components mounted on a passive Silicon Interposer.    
TOT Time Over Threshold Experiment Corresponds to charge of a measured particle    
XYTER   Electronics ASIC which has position(XY),time(T), energy(E) and resolution(R)    
PHENIX Pioneering High Energy Nuclear Interactions eXperiment Experiment An experiment at BNL    
STAR Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC Experiment An experiment at BNL    
GET4 GSI Event Driven TDC with four channels Electronics A type of ASIC    
SLR Super Logic Region Electronics A single FPGA die slice contained in an SSI device    
GBT Giga Bit Transceiver Electronics A radiation hard ASIC    
AFCK AMC FMC Carrier Kintex (Board) Electronics a prototype of Data Processing​ Board (DPB)    
gDPB RHIC GET4-DPB Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Electronics Experiment (TOF and T0) A particle accelerator at BNL    
ADC gDPB Analgoue GET4-DPB Digital Converter Electronics (TOF and T0)    
AGWB ADC Address Generator for Analgoue Digital Converter WishBone Electronics   https://github.com/wzab/agwb    
ALICE AGWB A Large Hadron Collider Address Generator for WishBone Experiment Experiment Electronics     https://github.com/wzab/agwb  
AMBA ALICE Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture A Large Hadron Collider Experiment Electronics Experiment      
ASIC AMBA Application Specific Integrated Circut Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Electronics      
AXI ASIC Advanced Extensible Interface Application Specific Integrated Circut Electronics      
AXI Advanced Extensible Interface Electronics      
BNL Brookhaven National Lab General      
CA Cellular Automaton (Tracking) Algorithms      
CAD Computer Aided Design General      
CATIA Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application General      
CBM Compressed Baryonic Matter Experiment      
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check Programming      
CRI Common Readout Interface Electronics      
CROB Common Readout Board Electronics      
DAQ Data Aquisition (System) Experiment      
DCS Detector Control System Experiment      
DPB Data Processing Board Electronics      
DPF Data Processing Framework Electronics      
ECAL Electromagnetic Calorimeter Experiment      
eLINK Electrical Link Electronics      
eq_id Equipment identifier Electronics      
ESR Experimental Storage Ring Experiment      
FAIR Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research General      
FEB Frontend Board Electronics      
FEE Front End Electronics Electronics      
FFT Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms      
FLES FIFO First Level Event Selector In First Out Experiment General      
FLES EN FLES Entry Node First Level Event Selector Experiment      
FLES IPC EN FLES Inter-process Communication Entry Node Experiment      
FLES PN IPC FLES Processing Node Inter-process Communication Experiment      
FLIB FLES PN FLES Interface Board Processing Node Experiment      
FLIM FLIB FLES Interface Module Board Experiment      
FPGA FLIM Field Programmable Gate FLES Interface Module Array Electronics Experiment      
FW FPGA Firmware Field Programmable Gate Array Electronics      
GEM FW Gas Firmware Electron Multiplier Experiment Electronics      
GUI GEM Graphical User Interface Gas Electron Multiplier General Experiment      
HADES GUI High Acceptance Di-Electron Graphical User Interface Spectrometer Experiment General      
HDL HADES Hardware Description Language High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer Programming Experiment      
HSD HDL Hadron String Dynamics Hardware Description Language Physics Programming      
HW HSD Hardware Hadron String Dynamics Electronics Physics      
JSON HW Java Hardware Script Object Notation Programming Electronics      
LSB JSON Least Significant Bit Java Script Object Notation Programming      
mDPB LSB MUCH-DPB Least Significant Bit Electronics Programming      
MS mDPB Microslice MUCH-DPB Experiment Electronics      
MUCH MS Muon Microslice Chamber Experiment      
MSB MUCH Most Significant Muon Chamber Bit Programming Experiment      
MVD MSB Micro Vertex Detector Most Significant Bit Experiment Programming      
PANDA MVD antiProton ANnihilation at Micro Vertex Detector DArmstadt Experiment      
pDPB PANDA PSD-DPB antiProton ANnihilation at DArmstadt Electronics Experiment      
PGA pDPB Programmable PSD-DPB Gate Array Electronics      
PHSD PGA Parton Hadron String Programmable Gate Array Dynamics Physics Electronics      
PID PHSD Particle Identification Parton Hadron String Dynamics Experiment Physics      
PMT PID Photomultiplier Tube Particle Identification Experiment      
PSD PMT Projectile Spectator Photomultiplier Tube Detector Experiment      
PWG PSD Physics Working Group Projectile Spectator Detector General Experiment      
QCD PWG Quantum Chromo Dynamics Physics Working Group Physics General      
QED QCD Quantum Electro Chromo Dynamics Physics      
QED Quantum Electro Dynamics Physics      
QGP Quark Gluon Plasma Physics      
rDPB RICH-DPB Electronics      
RICH Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector Experiment      
ROB Readout Board Electronics      
RPC Resistive Plate Chamber Experiment      
SCA Slow Control Adapter Electronics      
sDPB STS(XYTER)-DPB Electronics      
SIS100 Schwerionensynchroton mit 100 Teslametern Experiment      
SMX STS/MUCH-XYTER Electronics      
STS Silicon Tracking Station Experiment      
SW Software Programming      
TDC time-to-digital converter Electronics      
tDPB Timing-DPB Electronics      
TDR Technical Design Report General      
TOF Time Of Flight Detector Experiment      
TRB Trigger Readout Board Electronics      
TRB3 Trigger Readout Board Version 3 Electronics      
TRD Transition Radiation Detector Experiment      
TS Timeslice Experiment      
TS Timestamp Experiment      
TS MSB Timestamp Most Significant Bit Experiment      
UrQMD Ultra Relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics Physics      
VHDL Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language Programming      
VLDB Versatile Link Demonstrator Board Electronics      
VTRx Versatile Link Transceiver Electronics      
ZIF Zero Insertion Force (Connector) Electronics      

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