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This is the internal webspace of the CBM experiment. This web site is driven by TWiki, a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple web-based collaboration platform. Use this wiki as a project development space, a document management system or knowledge base on the Internet.


If you're not a registered user you have only acces to the Public Part of this Webpage.

As a registered member of the CBM collaboration, you can view any and edit most of the TWiki pages. To do that you have to follow the instructions below.


How to join the Group of Wiki Authors Physics working groups

  1. Have a look at the list of registered users: WikiUsers
  2. Have a look at the list of our existing user groups: WikiGroups
    • If you find your name in the group(s) you want to join: Fine!
    • If not: Tell somebody who is a member of the group you want to join, that he should add you to the list of members.
    • If you want your own, new group ask an administrator.
  3. After you are a member of any group, please read the CBMWikiHints. After that you can edit any topic.

CBMWikiHintsDetectors: All useful hints on how to use this site.

MOVED TO...Online This web is one of the two administrative webs (the other one is the System web); the user and group database is stored and managed here. You should not create or change topics in the current web, except you have an administrative work on this Wiki itself to do.

MOVED TO... In case of problems you could not solve by your own (e.g. by reading the CBMWikiHints), contact the administrators:


CBM Wiki.Main Web: Construction


CBM Wiki.System Web:


  • You are currently in the Main web. The color code for this web is this background, so you know where you are.
  • If you are not familiar with the CBM Wiki collaboration platform, please visit WelcomeGuest first.


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