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HowTo install AliEn from source Manual HowTo upgrade to a new AliEn version Manual HowTo get debug output Add " debug 5" at the end of the alien call e.g. "alien ...
HowTo install AliEn from source Preconditions A working GNU tool chain (gcc, GNU make, flex, BSD yacc, gettext, autotools etc.) and additional GNU tools like tar ...
* First of all compile the new version from the sources as described AlienInstallSourceFlorianUhlig (on all sites??). * Shutdown the central alien services as user ...
How to catch the output which goes to stdout #define BOOST_TEST_DYN_LINK #define BOOST_TEST_MAIN #include #include #include BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE( TestSuite1 ) ...
Browse the Homepages Web List any topic List all my topics List all topics of user Main.FlorianUhlig 15 Sep 2005
Installation Follow the instruction on this webpage with some minor changes After downloading the project you should edit some additional files. If you want to have ...
Runing cmake with differnt build target cmake ../cbmroot DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug where debug can be debug, debugfull etc. Documentation * CMake homepage * ...
Differences between Macro and Source file Compared the the macro there are some changes in the source file which is needed for compilation. First of all you need to ...
Installation of CERN software Here I will explain in the following the installation of fortran based CERN software. The base of most of the software is n most cases ...
Installation of the Intel compiler suite * Get the installation packages from Intel (This is normally done by Helmut Kresier) * Get the license files and install ...
Create a new Hompage Topic New Topic (Note: Use WikiWordYourWikiName!): Main.FlorianUhlig 15 Sep 2005
Doc Main.XiangChangzhou 07 Oct 2013
HowTo use the CBM CVS A good Wikipage about CVS is http://ximbiot.com/cvs/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Use for all operations only mycvs which is defined in the ...
HowTo start the Dashbord * Login as cbmsim on lxg1417 (This can be either with an ssh session, but better is to go to the computer center at ground floor in gsi ...
How to create a Debian backport The instructions can be found at http://wiki.debian.org/Backports and http://wiki.debian.org/SimpleBackportCreation . How to build ...
Talks on CBM collaboration meetings 2006 Collaboration Meeting February/March 2006 %$e^{ }$$e^{ }$% * Strategy for electron pair reconstruction in CBM, T.Galatyuk ...
Talks on CBM collaboration meetings 2005 Di Electron Workshops * Di Electorn Workshop May 30 31 Main.TetyanaGalatyuk 11 Jul 2006
Usefull Docker commands Create a new virtualbox container on Mac OSX when using boot2docker docker machine create driver virtualbox virtualbox cpu count 4 virtualbox ...
revdep rebuild dispatch conf Main.FlorianUhlig 18 Apr 2008
This s the explanation how i installed Gentoo Linux on my Apple MacBook Pro (3rd generation). X This is the xorg.conf i use. I copied it from somewhere, don't know ...
git clone ssh://uhlig@lxetch32.gsi.de/misc/uhlig/GIT/cbmroot git pull to get changes git push to commit changes commits to svn should only be done from GSI machine ...
Tips und Tricks, Howtos, sonstiges... Main.ChristianPauly 15 Jan 2015
Main.ChristinaDritsa 04 Dec 2009 FAIR related numbers http://hades wiki.gsi.de/cgi bin/viewauth/SimAna/MultAtFAIR? Presentation * simu_status_report_march2010 ...
Wiki Homepage of Claudia Höhne Claudia Höhne ^ GSI Darmstadt, KP1 ^ Planckstrasse 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany ^ office: SB2 4.111 ^ ...
Hompage Florian Uhlig Alien Boost Test Cernlib, Garfield, Magboltz CDash CMake Compiler CVS Dashboard Debian Docker Gentoo Linux on MacBook Pro Gentoo ...
Hans Essel home page. CBM wiki: Main.HansEssel 22 Mar 2007
This is home page of Supriya Das. Main.SupriyaDas 02 Aug 2006
Homepage of Volker Friese Main.VolkerFriese 26 Sep 2006 Welcome to my WiKi Homepage! Institute GSI Darmstadt ^ Adress Planckstrasse 1, 64291 ...
Main.WalterFJMueller 02 Feb 2007
Hompage of Wolfgang Niebur Main.WolfgangNiebur 01 Mar 2007 Wolfgang Niebur ^ GSI Darmstadt, KP1 ^ Planckstrasse 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany ...
Di Electron Analysis This site is dedicated to all informations related to CBM Di Electron analysis. Background rejection strategy Our background rejection strategy ...
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * edit
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * Create a new web * edit
My links: * About me * Interesting conferences * Interesting publicatons * MVD CAD * MVD Integration * Sensor Development edit
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * edit
Customize this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. //* Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.PeterZumbruch * My links ...
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * edit * CV_PradeepGhosh.pdf: CV ...
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My WiKi home * My home page * edit
Customise this topic; samples and ideas available at TWiki:System.WebLeftBarExampleCookbook. * My links * My home page * edit
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Main.MichalKoziel 10 Jun 2020
Main.MichalKoziel 10 Jun 2020
Command to backup the database status in the old database mysqldump fairroot h lxsaliq.gsi.de P 3306 u fairroot password=strengGeheim mysql_backup_lxsaliq ...
Here you find information which packages are needed to be able to install FairRoot on a new system. The list for the different different Linux flavors must not be ...
CBM Physics Report to the FAIR Scientific Council Main.VolkerFriese 25 Jul 2016 For its June 2016 meeting, the FAIR Scientific Council requested an update of the ...
Redmine Installation Instructions On the following page I will explain how to install Redmine together with the required packages on a virtual machine running on a ...
Definition of the Floating Point Environment With the following function you get the actual environment settings Int_t result=gSystem GetFPEMask(); cout The ...
Main.MichalKoziel 10 Jun 2020
Results of Searching the Homepage Web Click on the column headers (twice for reverse order) to re sort the table. Topic: Date: " format=" $topic $date ...
HowTo create a stable revision in SVN 1 On the repository server create the new relase branch as a copy the trunk branch. * svn copy https://subversion.gsi ...
ToDo Liste Open Topics which are late All Topics EOF Jahresbericht schreiben Erledigt 29.01.09 EOF EOF CbmRoot mit angestellten Warnungen bauen. Probleme ...
Howto setup a trac instance at a differnt machine than the subversion repository. This is not directly foreseen (at least for trac 0.11.x), so we have to work around ...
Download the iso image Get the ISO image of the 32bit Ubuntu desktop version from the official download location at Ubuntu.com. Create a new Virtual machine with ...
Usefull Unix Commands * Find all source files and replace neu where you have alt * find . iname '*.cxx' exec sed 's/alt/neu/g' i "{}" ";" * Find all ...
VMWare * Work out of the box * PXE boot works * 64bit works Virtual Box * PXE boot works * No 64bit guests on Mac OS (should come) Parallels Desktop ...
Valgrind valgrind v error limit=no suppressions=valgrind.suppr leak check=full show reachable=yes log file=cbm_macro_log.txt root.exe run_sim.C Callgrind After ...
Photos from China 2006 Main.VolkerFriese 11 Dec 2006 * Claudia auf den Straßen von Shanghai: * Conference Dinner Er hatte nie eine Chance: ...
China im November Ein deutscher Physiker aus Darmstadt denkt, daß er es in China nicht warm hat. Er fragt sich beim Bier: Was mache ich hier? Ich habe ...
Publications J. Heuser and V. Friese (CBM Collaboration) Measurement of rare probes with the silicon tracking system of the CBM experiment at FAIR (Proceedings of ...
Prerequisites * A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OSX and 20GB free disk space * VirtualBox * The archive containing the virtual machine * A Archive ...
User Homepages This web serves as a container for all topics which somehow form homepages of users. By default all topics in this web are write only to the original ...
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