CBM progress report 2019

Deadlines for contribution submission

  • 2020/04/17 Deadline for submission of contributions


Peter Senger (p.senger@gsi.de)

Chapter editors

chapter name email
MVD Christian Müntz c.muentz@gsi.de
STS Johann Heuser j.heuser@gsi.de
RICH Claudia Höhne claudia.Hoehne@exp2.physik.uni-giessen.de
MUCH Subhasis Chattopadhyay sub@vecc.gov.in
TRD Christoph Blume blume@ikf.uni-frankfurt.de
TOF Ingo Deppner deppner@physi.uni-heidelberg.de
Calorimeters Fedor Guber guber@inr.ru
DAQ David Emschermann d.emschermann@gsi.de
Magnet Peter Senger p.senger@gsi.de
Cafe Infrastructure Mladen Kis m.kis@gsi.de
Computing Volker Friese v.friese@gsi.de
Physics Performance studies Alberica Toia a.toia@gsi.de
Phase 0 Activities Christian Sturm c.sturm@gsi.de


Template for individual contributions

LaTeX template: CBM_Progress_Report_2019_LATEX_template.zip

Chapter editors

  • subversion repository: https://subversion.gsi.de/cbm/PR2019
  • after checkout (svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/cbm/PR2019), execute "make" from the top-level directory (PR2018). The report will be built. The result is cbm_pr2018.pdf in the top-level directory.
  • go into source/chapter directory (where chapter=sts,mvs,rich,...)
  • make a directory for each individual contribution called "chapter_author" (where "author" is the last name of the main author)
    • the latex source file of each individual contribution should be named as the parent directory plus the extension .tex and placed under the individual directory
    • all figures of each contribution have to be placed inside the individual directory
  • list all the contributions in each chapter/Makefile eg:
    # ----- List of reports ------------------------------------------
    reports = sts_summary
    reports += sts_author
    reports += sts_.......
    (order them appropriately)
    • in case of multiple contributions by the same author use index "2", "3"
If you do not specify the list of contributions in the Makefile, all contributions (subdirectories) will be added in alphabetic order.
  • make a chapter summary: "chapter_summary/chapter_summary.tex" and put it as first contribution
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