Installation of the Intel compiler suite

  • Get the installation packages from Intel (This is normally done by Helmut Kresier)
  • Get the license files and install them on the FlexLM server ( The licences normally are available from Helmut Kreiser. The installation of the files has do be done by one of the Sysadmins. The last time this was done and documented in the Wiki by Stefan Haller.

  • Copy the installation files to the correct build server. Unpack the tar files, enter the directory and run the script.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen.
    • Installation option 3 (Install as current user) is the correct option.
    • If the warning that the OS isn't supported is importatnt I can't judge in the moment, so kkip the missing optional pre-requisites and go on with the installation.
    • Accept the license terms.
    • Choose two times the option 3 to check the license using a license server.
    • If asked for the license server enter
    • If asked for the installation directory choose cvmfs/
    • If the installtion process complains about some missing libraries please install them.

  • Create in the following directories of the installation directory the subdirectories licenses * compilers_and_libraries_2017.0.098/linux * compilers_and_libraries_2017/linux
  • Inside both directories create the file USE_SERVER.lic with the following content
  • Set all access rights correctla
    • find . -type d -exec chmod o+rx {} \;
    • find . -type f -exec chmod o+r {} \;
  • Copy and update the module files inside /cvmfs/
  • Syncronize the local cvmfs directory with the cvmfs server
    • sudo cvmfs-remote publish
  • Check on one of the kronos nodes if the compilation of some c++ and fortran test programs work

Installation of open 64

  • Install the needed packages via apt. A text file with the packages installed on the build machine is attached. I don't know if really all of them are needed.

  • Install the binutils backport which is needed to compile open64 with bulldozer support

  • Download the tar file
  • Unpack the tar file
  • Create a separate build directory
  • Run configuration ../x86_open64-4.5.1/configure --prefix=/cvmfs/
  • Run make and make install
  • Copy everything to lxbuild02 and publish it on CVMFS.

Installation of gcc 3.4.6

  • Download the source code from the gcc web page
    • svn co svn://

  • Create a separate build directory and run configure in this newly build directory
    • mkdir build-gcc-3.4.6 && cd build-gcc-3.4.6
    • ../gcc-3.4.6/configure --prefix=/cvmfs/ --enable-languages=c,c++,f77

  • Since with Debian Squeeze there was a chnage of the lib directories one has to edit one definition file used during the make process that during linking the correct libraries are found. I older linux version lib contains the 32bit libraries and there was an lib64 directory for the 64bit libraries. With Squeeze there was a change. Now lib contains the 64bit libraries and there is an extra directory lib32 for the 32bit libraries. One has to change the file gcc/config/i386/t-linux64 in the source code of gcc-3.4.6. the rows
MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES = ../lib64 ../lib

has to be changed to
MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES = ../lib ../lib32

  • There is a problem with a yacc file in the build directory (gcc/c-parse.y) which can not be processed with the version of bison available on squeeze, so this file has to be patched. The patch is attached to this page. I don't know exactly if the file is already existing after the configure step or if it is created later. So if the file is not there after configure start the make procedure and wait until the compiler complains about a problem with parse-c.y. Copy the file in the gcc directory in side the build directory, patch the file and rerun make. Information can be found here
    • cd /gcc
    • cp /c-parse.y .
    • patch -p0 < c-parse.y
    • cd ..
    • make

  • Create gcc by running make in the build directory
    • cd
    • make

  • If required run the test suite
    • cd
    • make -k check

  • Install gcc
    • cd
    • make install

-- FlorianUhlig - 31 Jan 2012</verbatim>
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
build_clang.shsh manage 3 K 2014-01-29 - 09:38 FlorianUhlig Script for automatic build of clang and libc++
build_gcc.shsh manage 2 K 2014-01-29 - 09:38 FlorianUhlig Skript for automatic build of gcc
c-parse.patchpatch c-parse.patch manage 1 K 2012-02-09 - 09:47 FlorianUhlig Patch file for c-parse.y
debian_open64.tar.gzgz debian_open64.tar.gz manage 2 K 2012-01-31 - 12:13 FlorianUhlig Tar file with debian directory to build an deb package for the open64 compiler.
packaged_lxb100.txttxt packaged_lxb100.txt manage 127 K 2012-01-31 - 12:09 FlorianUhlig Set of packages installed on the machine used to build the open64 compiler.
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