CBM Progress Report 2011

Instructions for authors

The CBM Progress Report 2011 aims to document the activities and progress towards the realisation of the CBM project in 2011. It will contain the sections
  • Micro-Vertex Detector (MVD)
  • Silicon Tracking System (STS)
  • Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector (RICH)
  • Muon Detection System (MUCH)
  • Transition Radiation Detector (TRD)
  • Time-of-Flight Detector (TOF)
  • Calorimeters
  • Magnet and Infrastructure
  • DAQ and Online Event Selection
  • Software and Algorithms
  • Physics Performance

Contributions shall be submitted by e-mail to Volker Friese. The deadline for submission is 22 January 2012.

The report will be compiled with pdflatex. Contributions must be submitted in Latex format using the style of the GSI scientific report. Each contribution shall comprise one single page. In exceptional cases, two-page contributions can be accepted.

Style conventions:

  • There should be no chapters / sections within a contribution.

  • The format for references is like
    • I. Kisel, Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. A 566 (2006) 85
    • A. Kiseleva et al., CBM Progress Report 2009, Darmstadt 2010, p. 65

  • Refer to figures and tables as "Fig. 1" or "Table 1" (capital). At the beginning of a sentence, do not abbreviate, i.e. write "Figure 1" instead of "Fig. 1".

  • Figures should be sent as separate files. The preferred formats are jpg for photos and png for diagrams and drawings. Figures should have adequate quality and resolution for printing (300 dpi).

The CBM-related contributions to the GSI Scientific Report 2011 will enter the CBM Progress Report. If you have submitted a contribution to the GSI system, please wait until you get notice of its acceptance. Then, send the source files of the contribution to the editors of the CBM Progress Report (see above). We do not have access to the source files from the GSI database directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-- VolkerFriese - 13 Dec 2011
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