Draft 26 March 2014

Compressed version: CBM Progress Report 2013, Draft 26/03/2014, compressed, 7 MB

Full version: CBM Progress Report 2013, Draft 26.03.2014, full-size version (50 MB)

Please check for:
  • completeness of contributions
  • completeness of acknowledegements
  • completeness of collaboration list (pp. 131-134)
  • completeness of publication list (p. 125)

Instruction for chapter conveners

The sources for the CBM Progress Report will be collected in the subversion repository https://subversion.gsi.de/cbm/PR2013. The conveners are kindly asked to commit the reports of their respective chapter to this repository. Should you have no experience with subversion or are for other reasons not willing to commit to the repository server, please send the reports ( as tarball files ) to Christian Sturn (c.sturm@gsi.de) or Volker Friese (v.friese@gsi.de).

Below some instruction for working with the repository:
  1. Check out: svn co https://subversion.gsi.de/cbm/PR2013
  2. Authentification to subversion is with your GSI web account.
  3. The sources are to be placed in the subdirectories source/[chapter], where chapter is one of mvd, sts, rich, trd, tof, daq, comp, phys.
  4. For each contribution, create a subdirectory [contribution_name]. Choose a convenient name for the contribution; we reommend [chapter]_[first author] (maybe followed by a number if there are several contributions with the same first author). Prepending the chapter name is not indispensable, but may serve to avoid confusion when one author contributes to several chapters.
  5. Copy the sources of the contribution into the respective directory (.tex file plus required figures). The tex file must be renamed to match the directory name ([contribution_name].tex).
  6. Please do not commit files other than the sources, e.g. those produced by Latex like .aux, .log or the pdf of the contribution. Although that does not harm, it creates unneccesary load on the system and prolonges the checkout and update times.
  7. If you wish, you can compile the entire report from the top directory (PR2013) by just typing make. The file cbm_pr2013.pdf will be created in the same directory.
  8. Currently, the compilation of the chapters is deactivated, since the build system crashes when there is no contribution in a chapter. Do not worry, this will be helped once the first contributions are checked in. If you are familiar with Latex, you can try to edit the main tex file source/cbm_pr2013.tex.
  9. The build system is not perfect. In some cases, a new build is not triggered although there have been changes to the sources. You can always trigger a re-build by "touch source/cbm_pr2013.tex" from the top directory.
  10. Commit the contribution(s) by typing svn add * and then svn commit -m "[commit messageā€œ from your directory source/[chapter]. You should have the proper permission to do so. If not, please contact v.friese@gsi.de
  11. Contributions will appear in your chapter in alphabetical order of their contribution names (subdirectory name). Should you want a different seqeunce, you can edit the Makefile in your chapter and define the variable "reports" there in the order you wish the contributions to appear. *
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