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Published Articles

in Journals

  1. Probing dense QCD matter in the laboratory: The CBM experiment at FAIR
    P. Senger for the CBM Collaboration
    Physica Scripta 95 (2020) 074003
  2. Investigation of heterogeneous computing platforms for real-time data analysis in the CBM experiment
    V. Singhal, S. Chattopadhyay and V. Friese
    Comp. Phys. Comm. 253 (2020) 107190
  3. Throttling strategies and optimization of the trigger-less streaming DAQ system in the CBM experiment
    Xin Gao et al.
    NIM A978 (2020) 164442
    Free access until September 18th, 2020 under this link
  4. Quality assurance test of the STS-XYTERv2 ASIC for the silicon tracking system of the CBM experiment M. Dogan et al.
    NIM A976(2020) 164278

in Proceedings

  1. Final design of a monitoring system and software correction cycle for the mirror alignment of the CBM RICH detector Status of the CBM and HADES RICH projects at FAIR
    J. Adamczewski-Musch et al.
    Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 952 (2020) 161799 (Proceedings of RICH 2018)
  2. Status of the CBM and HADES RICH projects at FAIR
    J. Adamczewski-Musch et al.
    Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 952 (2020) 161970 (Proceedings of RICH 2018)
  3. Observations on MIMOSIS-0, the first dedicated CPS prototype for the CBM MVD
    M. Deveaux et al.
    Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 958 (2020) 162653 (Proceedings of the Vienna Conference on Instrumentation 2019)
  4. Event Reconstruction in the Tracking System of the CBM experiment
    V. Friese
    EPJ Web Conf. 226 (2020) 01004 (Proceedings of MMCP 2019)
  5. Status of the Compressed Baryonic Matter experiment at FAIR
    P. Senger for the CBM Collaboration
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 29 (2020) 203001 (Proceedings of ICNFP 2019)
  6. Astrophysics in the Laboratory: The CBM Experiment at FAIR
    P. Senger for the CBM Collaboration
    Particles 3(2) (2020) 320 (Proceedings of MPCS 2019)
  7. Testing of triple GEM prototypes for the CBM Muon Chamber system in the mCBM experiment at the SIS18 facility of GSI
    A. Kumar et al.
    JINST 15(2020)C10020 (Proceedings of Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors 2019 - IPRD19)
  8. Automated assembly of large double-sided microstrip detectors of the CBM Silicon Tracking System at FAIR
    P. Pfistner et al.
    PoS(TWEPP2019)072 (2020) (Proceedings of TWEPP 2019)
  9. The powering concept of the Silicon Tracking System for CBM@FAIR
    P. Koczon et al
    PoS(TWEPP2019)063 (2020) (Proceedings of TWEPP 2019)
  10. Throttling Studies for the CBM Self-triggered Readout
    Xin Gao et al.
    PoS(TWEPP2019)085 (2020) (Proceedings of TWEPP 2019)
  11. Triple-Modular Redundancy Deployment Optimization in the Sensor Readout System of the CBM Micro Vertex Detector
    Y.Zhao et al.
    PoS(TWEPP2019)131 (2020) (Proceedings of TWEPP 2019)
  12. Overview of Microelectronic Circuits Designed at AGH University for the CBM Experiment
    K. Kasinski and W. Zubrzycka
    Acta Phys. Pol. B Proc. Suppl. 13, 885 (2020) (Proceedings of 45th Congress of Polish Physicists)

In Press

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