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CBM Events Calendar THIS PAGE IS NOT MAINTAINED ANYMORE ! This page summarizes events of interest for the CBM collaboration * Conferences and workshops ...
CBM Progress Report 2010 Download the document CBM Progress Report 2010 (GSI Document Server) * print version (43 MB) * web optimised version (8 MB) Contributions ...
CBM Progress Report 2011 Instructions for authors The CBM Progress Report 2011 aims to document the activities and progress towards the realisation of the CBM project ...
Draft 26 March 2014 Compressed version: CBM Progress Report 2013, Draft 26/03/2014, compressed, 7 MB Full version: CBM Progress Report 2013, Draft 26.03.2014, full ...
CBM Progress Report 2014 Current draft * cbm_pr2014_Draft_150405.pdf: Close to final draft after chief editing, 5 April 2015, compressed Previous drafts * ...
CBM Progress Report 2015 Final version * Compressed: CBM Progress Report 2015, final version (compressed pdf (8.5 MB) with reduced quality of figures) * Full ...
CBM Progress Reports * CBM Progress Report 2018 * CBM Progress Report 2017 * CBM Progress Report 2013 * CBM Progress Report 2011 * CBM Progress Report ...
Some Hints on using our Cbm Wiki General Advices The prime Directive Don't be lazy reading hints! The very simple rules to use this wiki are published here and ...
CBM Documents Approved TDRs * RICH: Report GSI 2014 00528 * STS: Report GSI 2013 05499 Full version of the mCBM@SIS18 beamtime application sent to the G PAC ...
The Data Acquisition System (DAQ) Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 06 Dec 2006
The Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL) Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 06 Dec 2006
CBM Infrastructure Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 07 Dec 2006
Mini MuCh Mini much is a sub system of the mini cbm set up. The sectors of the CBM MUon CHamber system (MUCH) are made of trapezoidal shaped GEM modules. Three of ...
The Micro Vertex Detector (MVD) Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 06 Dec 2006
n XYTER Read out ASIC for High Resolution Time and Amplitude Measurements Introduction \ alt="n XYTER Architecture"/ \ alt="n XYTER Architecture"/ The n ...
Projectile spectator detector (PSD) Attached are unsorted documents related to the PSD project
CBM Physics Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 06 Dec 2006
The Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector (RICH) Table of Contents Cherenkov Strahlung und RICH Detektor Hier finden Sie eine allgemeine Einfuehrung in die Grundlagen der ...
Silicon Tracking System The Silicon Tracking System (STS) is the main detector in the CBM experiment for charged particle measurement including momentum determination ...
The Time of Flight Detector (TOF) A nice overall description can be found in DPG_CBM_15_03_07.pdf. More information will be added soon.
The Transition Radiation Detector (TRD) Information to be added soon Main.VolkerFriese 06 Dec 2006
CBM Publications, Presentations, Thesis Works Publications in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, ...
Das Silicon Tracking System und der Micro Vertex Detector Inhaltsverzeichnis Uuml;berblick ber das Detektorsystem The Silicon Tracking System (STS) is the central ...
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