CBM Progress Report 2010

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CBM Progress Report 2010 (GSI Document Server)

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  • P. Senger and the CBM Collaboration:
    Status of the CBM experiment at FAIR pdf

Micro-Vertex Detector

  • M. Winter:
    Development of high precision pixel sensors for the CBM vertex detector pdf

  • D. Doering et al.:
    Annealing studies on X-ray and neutron irradiated CMOS MAPS pdf

  • T. Tischler et al.:
    Status of the mechanical design of the CBM-MVD pdf

  • C. Schrader et al.:
    Status of the CBM-MVD prototype readout pdf

  • S. Seddiki et al.:
    Expected data rates of the CBM-MVD at SIS-100 based on realistic beam intensity fluctuations pdf

Silicon Tracking System

  • A. Kotynia and J. Heuser:
    Performance simulations with a realistic model of the CBM Silicon Tracking System pdf

  • J. Heuser et al.:
    Development of microstrip detectors for the CBM Silicon Tracking System pdf

  • M. Merkin et al.:
    First Russian double-sided silicon strip sensors for CBM pdf

  • S. Chatterji, M. Singla and J. Heuser:
    Simulation study on the radiation tolerance of microstrip detectors for the CBM Silicon Tracking System pdf

  • D. Karmanov et al.:
    Radiation hardness tests of silicon strip detectors at the cyclotron-based neutron irradiation station of the V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute pdf

  • J. Heuser et al.:
    Development of low-mass readout cables for the CBM Silicon Tracking System pdf

  • D. Severin, M. Bender and J. Heuser:
    Radiation hardness of low-mass readout cables for the CBM experiment pdf

  • S. Igolkin, Y. Murin and J. Heuser:
    Conceptual design of mechanics for the CBM Silicon Tracking System pdf

  • V. M. Borshchov et al.:
    Prototyping of the CBM STS module pdf

  • J. Heuser et al.:
    Development of a quality assurance system for CBM-STS detector modules pdf

  • J. Heuser et al.:
    Test of prototype modules of the CBM Silicon Tracking System in a proton beam at COSY pdf

  • V. M. Borshchov et al.:
    Modeling the thermal operation of CBM-STS stations pdf

  • T. Balog et al.:
    Simulation study of n-XYTER front-end electronics in overflow situations for early prototyping of detectors in the CBM experiment

  • K. Kasinski, R. Szczygiel and P. Grybos:
    Evolution of a prototype silicon strip detector readout ASIC for the STS pdf

  • E. Atkin et al. :
    Development of a data-driven readout ASIC for microstrip detectors pdf

Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector

  • J. Eschke et al.:
    Single Cherenkov photon measurements with multi-anode photomultipliers for performance studies of the CBM-RICH photodetector pdf

  • C. Pauly et al.:
    Single-photon and magnetic field measurements on H8500 MAPMTs pdf

  • J. Kopfer et al.:
    Quantum efficiency and gain homogeneity measurements of H8500 MAPMTs for the development of a CBM-RICH prototype camera pdf

  • J. Eschke and F. Meyer:
    Investigation of crosstalk in multi-anode photomultipliers for the CBM-RICH photodetector pdf

  • I. Wehl, A. Sienerth and M. Dürr:
    Wet-chemical application of wavelength-shifting films for the use on RICH-PMTs pdf

  • D. Kresan and C. Höhne:
    Design studies for a CBM-RICH prototype pdf

  • L. Kotchenda et al.:
    A gas system for the CBM-RICH prototype pdf

  • P. Kravtsov et al.:
    A slow-control system for the CBM-RICH gas system pdf

  • E. Vznuzdaev et al.:
    Mirror mount design for the CBM-RICH detector pdf

Muon System

  • P. Bhaduri, A. Prakash and S. Chattopadhyay:
    MUCH layout optimization for SIS-100 pdf

  • A. Prakash et al.:
    Segmentation optimization for MUCH detector at CBM pdf

  • A. Dubey et al.:
    Update on GEM development at VECC pdf

  • J. Saini et al.:
    Development of PCBs for readout plane and front-end boards for MuCH pdf

  • A. Zinchenko, D. Peshekonov and A. Peshekonov:
    Performance evaluation of the CBM muon system for \omega\rightarrow\mu\mu trigger pdf

Transition Radiation Detector

  • P. Reichelt, M. Hartig and H. Appleshäuser:
    Study on electron/pion discrimination with the CBM Transition Radiation Detector pdf

  • T. Akishina, O. Denisova and V. Ivanov:
    Study of the optimal structure of the TRD radiator pdf

  • W. Yu, H. Appleshäuser and M. Hartig:
    Performance studies on the CBM TRD using J/\psi pdf

  • D. Emschermann and C. Bergmann:
    First common beam test of the CBM STS, RICH and TRD subsystems at the CERN Proton Synchrotron pdf

  • M. Petris et al.:
    Two-dimension position sensitive Transition Radiation Detector in beam tests using new Fast Analog Signal Proceesor (FASP) pdf

  • W. Yu et al.:
    First beam test of the Frankfurt prototype for the CBM-TRD pdf

  • T. Armbruster, P. Fischer and I. Peric:
    CBM-TRD Readout with the SPADIC amplifier / digitizer chip pdf

  • A. Caragheorgheopol et al.:
    Front End Electronics for High Counting Rate TRD pdf

  • S. Chernenko et al.:
    Development and test of fast readout chambers for the CBM-TRD pdf

Time of Flight System

  • M. Petris et al.:
    High granularity, symmetric differential readout - timing multigap RPC pdf

  • D. Gonzalez-Diaz, H. Chen and W. Yi:
    Crosstalk free multi-strip Resistive Plate Chambers? pdf

  • Y. Wang et al.:
    Performance of low-resisitive glass pdf

  • Y. Sun et al.:
    Performance test of MRPC with different pad size pdf

  • R. Eißmann et al.:
    Development of ceramics RPC for high rate capability timing detector application pdf

  • I. Deppner et al.:
    Performance of a differential CBM-TOF demonstrator pdf

  • J. Frühauf et al.:
    Status of the CBM-TOF readout chain pdf

  • P.-A. Loizeau et al.:
    Status of the analysis chain for CBM-TOF demonstrator data pdf


  • I. Korolko et al.:
    CBM calorimeter located at 1.5 meters from the target pdf

Magnet and Infrastructure

  • E. Matyushevskiy et al.:
    SC dipole magnet for CBM pdf

  • S. Belogurov, A. Chernogorov and A. Semennikov:
    Design justification of the STS section of the CBM beam pipe pdf

Data Acquisition and Event Selection

  • J. de Cuveland and V. Lindenstruth:
    A First-level Event Selector for the CBM experiment pdf

  • F. Lemke, S. Schenk and U. Bruening:
    Demonstrator beam time results for the clock distribution and synchronization of the CBM-DAQ system pdf

  • J. Adamczewski-Musch, B.W. Kolb, S. Linev:
    DABC data acquisition input for slow control variables pdf

  • N. Abel et al.:
    Radiation tolerance of the Universal Read Out Controller pdf

  • N. Abel et al.:
    Design and implementation of an object-oriented dramework for dynamic partial reconfiguration pdf

  • S. Linev, J. Adamczewski-Musch and J. Frühauf:
    DABC as data acquisition framework for CBM pdf

  • A. Wurz et al.
    Memory kernel development of the Active Buffer pdf

Software and Algorithms

  • R. Frühwirth et al.:
    A SIMD implementation of the Deterministic Annealing Filter for the CBM experiment pdf

  • I. Kisel et al.:
    CA-based track finder with STS detector inefficiency pdf

  • I. Rostovtseva et al.:
    L1 CA track finder with realistic STS clusterization pdf

  • I. Kisel and I. Kulakov:
    Scalability of the CA-based track finder in the CBM experiment pdf

  • I. Kisel et al.:
    Towards parallel track reconstruction with Intel ArBB pdf

  • C. Bergmann et al.:
    A new cluster-based CbmRoot reconstruction chain for the TRD pdf

  • A. Lebedev et al.:
    Status of tracking in the TRD and MUCH detectors of the CBM experiment pdf

  • S. Lebedev, C. Höhne and G. Ososkov:
    Status of the electron identification algorithms for the RICH and TRD detectors in the CBM experiment pdf

  • V. Friese and E. Kryshen:
    First steps towards a time-based simulation and reconstruction for the CBM experiment pdf

  • F. Uhlig:
    Software development infrastructure for the FAIR experiments pdf

Physics Performance

  • V. Ladygin, A. Malakhov and T. Vasiliev:
    High p_T pion production in central Au+Au collisions at CBM pdf

  • V. Ladygin, A. Malakhov and T. Vasiliev:
    Study of \bf C_2(\Delta\phi) azimuthal correlation in central Au+Au collisions at CBM pdf

  • I. Vassiliev and V. Akishina:
    Fast \Xi^{-} reconstruction in Au+Au collisions at 10A GeV with the CBM experiment pdf

  • I. Vassiliev, I. Kisel and V. Akishina:
    Feasibility study of \Omega^{-} reconstruction with the CBM experiment at SIS-300 pdf

  • I. Vassiliev and I. Kisel:
    D^{0}, D^{+} and \Lambda_{c} decay feasibility study in the CBM experiment pdf

  • I. Vassiliev and I. Kisel:
    D^{\pm} decay reconstruction in p+C collisions at SIS-100 energies with CBM pdf

  • S. Kiselev:
    Reconstruction of \Sigma^+ in p+C collisions at 30A GeV with ECAL pdf

  • S. Kiselev:
    Reconstruction of \omega in p+C collisions at 30A GeV with ECAL pdf

  • A. Kiseleva et al.:
    Subthreshold J/\psi production in Au+Au collisions at SIS-100 studied with a start version of the CBM muon detector pdf

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